Happy Birthday Walter




It is my joy to call you my son and I pray the Lord blesses this day in your life. Happy Tenth Birthday!

Just like for Gloria-Jane, I still have not sent a card. I have no idea if anything I send is ever received, so when my circumstances consume 25 hours of my 24 hour day, it really doesn’t seem like I need to get a card out to you in time. I wish that wasn’t true, but I can’t change that alone.

In the video I spoke to you about what it is to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, not a pseudo-Christ. There will be difficulties and there is no way around it. But if your love for others remains in place and grows while you are in your difficulties, then you have evidence of your call as described in 2nd Peter 1.

Genesis 1:26 was stated and the correct verse is Genesis 2:24. I remain a flawed man in that way and many more.

I mentioned that we are called to contend (“agōnizomai”) and not be contentious (“philoneiko” to triumph over a friend) as they are different. Please be a contender, which is an act of love, but not contentious, which is an act of pride. And remember what you are contending for, the truth (John 14:6).

I also mentioned that I am contending with many others on the young earth creation idea. Many years ago at Meadowview there was an assistant pastor who did not subscribe to young earth creation and moved to Texas because of that to a place that was more accepting of old earth creation. Back then I was not well prepared to contend on that issue. If you ever watch “Young Earth Creation – Don’t miss the obvious” (http://kozlowski.org/2018-08-05+1) you will find that I am far more prepared to do so reasonably and with grace.

It is my desire to teach you how to do this, but clearly there are some who will not contend for the faith that are not allowing my access to you. My love for you remains. The videos are online and I will plan to continue to send discs, USB drives, tablets, and the like as I have before. One day, Lord willing, you will be able to find out that your dad loves you and has been trying to prepare you to live as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ in a world and its institutions that rejects Him. It remains my prayer that the Lord has you in His grip.

Happy Birthday Walter! Your dad loves you!

This email and video can be found online at: http://kozlowski.org/2018-11-13+1

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