George’s Unclaimed Tie and an opportunity to demonstrate Luke 6:27




George and family,


I got an envelope in the mail today as seen below. In one sense it is good to finally get something in response to the dozens of emails and videos sent to George. But obviously in another this is evidence of the overwhelming hate not only shown me, but George, and directly implying the same hate is shown to other members of the family.

I know that many in my family seem to reject who Jesus is and the authority of the Bible. This seems to start with Jim Cross as he ignores the commandments of God, starting with Leviticus 19:18, and embraces the modern version of “the commandments of men” described in Mark 7:7, which is now known as the Talmud. As the Apostle Paul stated to the Apostle Peter in Galatians 2:14 “before them all”, I am again making this clear, so that if he continues to avoid the desired result as seen in 2nd Peter 3:15, it is fully on him, “I am innocent of the blood of all” (Acts 20:26).


I now often state that I follow the Acts 20:20 model of Paul proclaiming in “public and from house to house”. In the attached video I mentioned that I lived it today in two homes, one store, and with seven people. Consider reading the chapter. Does verse 25 apply? I am not holding back to all, so maybe verse 26 and 27 also? It seems verse 29 has been lived out in Lexington. Does that concern you?


When it comes to my effort to reconcile my family, all or part, I’M NOT GOING TO STOP. I can’t since I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.


I love you all.


George, come by and pick up your tie ( Isn’t it interesting that in that video I stated that the tie might be kept from you. While you are here, let’s spend some time together ( and The Big Frog offer remains!

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