Mr. Cross, the vaccine and you
Day: Tuesday December 22, 2020 ● #1
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Reconcile 30 ● Mr. Cross ● Handing Your Posterity to Molech
The Kozlowski Family ● An Attempt at Restoration ●

Jim Cross ► Let's reconcile as brothers

Reconcile 30 ● Mr. Cross ● Continued Hope

Reconcile 30 ● Mr. Cross ● Handing Your Posterity to Molech

Reconcile 30 ● Mr. Cross ● Courage and COVID

Reconcile 30 ● Mr. Cross ● Courage

Reconcile 30 ● Mr. Cross ● Matthew 19 Explained

Reconcile 30 ● Mr. Cross ● Tucking your Talmud between your legs

Reconcile 30 ● Jim Cross ● Bonus Round

A flawed man still trying to reconcile

Mr. Cross: Reconciliation without precondition – Are you willing?

Mr. Cross: About Money

Mr. Cross, About George, You and I

Mike/Mormons/Masons/Jim Cross – Acts 17/Galatians 2/2Peter3

Two Ladies, Two Mormon Elders, and Me

Perseverance in Reconciliation

Scripture Alone

“Stomp you” reviewed

Jim Cross, Trying Again

Interpret Scripture

Least of these

Jim Cross and the Hajj

Jim Cross and Islam plus James White and Yasir Qadhi

Jim Cross - The Debate - Syria Chemical Claims

Jim Cross - Come to the table

Jim Cross - I want to reach my kids

95 Theses approximately

Benton Falls and a Serious look at Reconciliation

Gal 2:14 “before them all”


Jim Cross - Man to Man

Jim Cross Invitation

Reconcile with Jim Cross

Data Gathering and me

Jim Cross Rebuke