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Reconcile 30 ● I am loved ● Dorothy-Jane, so are you by me! On Valentine’s Day
Reconcile 30 ● I was asked “Are you cold?” ● Photo Request About Jack and...
A reminder popped up About my vacation
Meeting Michael and Crystal - thinking of you and me More on “For your consideration response”
legal docs Impossible Heart
legal docs Call attempt #228 - I'm back from the mountains
Post call to the state Are you my wife, an adulteress, or dead?
State continues, as does my reconciliation efforts Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation?
An immediate issue to address In the mountains, calling is difficult
Do you remember this? A shared conversation about our kids
28 years of marriage. A message of encouragement About For your consideration
An email that you probably won't read. It hurts to know that For your consideration
Happy Mother's Day My weight

Marriage Defined and a Commitment Beyond

Sat, Dec 8, 2018

The best a foul man can do.

An encouragement to other men who are followers of Christ.

A Mother's Prayer -- Happy Mother’s Day

Wed, May 6, 2009

Dorothy-Jane and Jack - Nursery Rhyme Song

, , 1992

Dorothy-Jane - Masterpiece

Sun, Apr 14, 1991

Dorothy-Jane - The Champion

Fri, Apr 26, 1991