Call attempt #765 - Day 1,118 - $2,664 is on the way to you - The Invenco G6-300 Saga - Is this another...
Day: Friday September 27, 2019
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A payment of $2,664 is on the way to you. Since it has to go via the state, you might have it around the end of next week. You could have been getting this since August, but the state, your agent, is less than ideal to work with. Should I bring up 1Co6 again?

Monday Nirav went to see Invenco in Atlanta to see if they could make their device that plugs into a gas pump to handle the user interface, such as credit cards, especially the new EMV cards. They couldn’t do it.

Tuesday Ronak drove a unit, an Invenco G6-300 from Georgia to me. He went to plug it in and the power cord was the wrong one.

Wednesday afternoon an adapter arrived in the mail and I could power up the unit. The lowest level of communications was attempted, but to no avail. The documentation provided was an early draft and less than helpful. I could see data from the device, but it did not match the documentation provided.

Thursday I had two conference calls that went fair and some new information was provided, but still no communications. That night I ran what is called a penetration test to find ways to access the machine. It ran while I was sleeping.

Friday morning after reviewing the test, I established low level communications with the device. It was another demonstration that I could make great money as a crook, but there is no need to bring up Westar and other events. We had another long conference call and the other gentlemen were proposing workarounds to get us to the show next week. After this went on for a bit I interjected a forceful “I strongly disagree” statement that I could back up. This should sound familiar to your dad as he also states he cannot handle a dialog with me as I think too fast for him. The correct protocol documentation was provided for the unit I have and about an hour later I was in partial communications with it. One omelet and another hour later Rapid OnSite, which is based on ShofarNexus, was able to place arbitrary messages on the screen. Below is a photo of the first message. You might have noticed that my heart has not changed.

There are many things now to do to prepare for the show Wednesday. I do not plan on going. The gentleman from Argentina should be there and is planning to visit me again that week, and there may be others.

My plan for the morning is to go to the farmers’ market and then visit my friend Mike. He is now using a significant amount of “pain reliever” and is going to be checked in Atlanta on Wednesday. Mike and I are very different in so many ways, but similar in some. You put a guitar in my hands and I can tell you the back from the front. You put one in his and he can make music like only a few can. He often talks about his life long ago when selling “pain relievers”, which cost him several years of his life in prison in Montgomery. He would provide things for and play with little no-name groups like The Eagles, and others. He talks fondly of all night chess matches with John Wayne, I think it was. But now he lives alone with Jake, his dog, and a few visitors, such as me. It makes me wonder, and I think you can see why.

A few years ago I heard a talk from a gentleman who was in the communications security business. Our state decided they did not like what he did, as he provided privacy for individuals. The state demanded that he provide the electronic keys to get into his servers. He printed them out in a very small font and delivered them as required. They got a page with 1000 character strings that must match exactly and was difficult to enter into a computer, but he did as they asked. While they were dealing with that, he told his customers what he was about to do, then wiped out all of his servers. The government got the keys to machines that were empty. It was a classic move in the communications security field. It cost him his business, but not his soul. In his talk he stated that there are only a hand full of people who can handle this field to the depth he was doing, and it can be costly if you have ethics. If you don’t know by now, I’m one of them. This was somewhat demonstrated today.

I heard a comment earlier this week that was a reminder of how close I have been to things that were high stakes, and how playing in or near that could be costly if you attempt to be obedient to Christ. It caused me to wonder if that was about to happen again for multiple reasons. With what I demonstrated today, and the emails I have already received on it, there is evidence that I might be on the brink of another Taito America, NYSE, Paramount-Crawford, or Lion. But then all of them collapsed in time. My focus now is solely Romans 13:8.

Dorothy-Jane, I love you, and I want you back. There is no evidence that desire is shared and it hurts.

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