Call attempt #817 - Day 1,194 - Lots of emails sent - George – DVD on the way to you
Day: Thursday December 12, 2019

Before I headed out the door for a hike, several hundred emails were sent. My assumption is they will be ignored. But let me remind you of a line at the end: Is there anyone who has the courage of his conviction to take me on in a public setting? Probably there isn’t as the costs are too high. Did I hear “Hail Victory”? It makes it more impressive to click your heels first.

The full email is at:

On my hike, I did send a DVD for George, picked up some more envelopes to send more DVDs, visited my friend Mike who seems to have gone downhill, had two separate dialogs with Mormons, and visited my friends Gary and Lynn. Notice that I wasn’t able to visit any of my family during that time.

Dorothy-Jane, consider the effort put out in the last few days to contact George. Do you see love in that? Considering the continued isolation, it seems the answer is no. But I love you still, and my commitment to you remains total.

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