Call attempt #818 - Day 1,195 - WOW, and Email from Jim Cross
Day: Friday December 13, 2019

It hasn’t been as expected with the responses to the video released yesterday. The first response came from my Mormon friend in Utah. I told my friend Chris that the score stood at: LDS:1 PCA:0. To my joy that changed. There is so much on the table in my dialog with Mormons, it could take a lot of time. But that is the investment required for the follower of Christ.

I did get a comment on YouTube, another surprise, from John Kozlowski, a notable name. He has a YouTube channel were he discusses cooking and stated he is Catholic. That was interesting and a joy.

Then the PCA score moved to 1 as I got the email from your dad. It was very much a shock after two years of silence. However, my first impression was an email from a salesman, not a follower of Christ. My response, I suggest, is clear and unambiguous. He is offering fluff, and I am offering the Scripture, obedience to Christ, and an open hand to reconciliation. He reaches out his hand with a glove on it.

The voicemail is long and with other details.

I’m after true reconciliation, not fluff. I do so as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, not an institution. My desire is a reconciled relationship with my wife. There is also an open hand out to her. It remains my prayer that she will again put her hand in mine.

Dorothy-Jane, I love you!

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