Call attempt #848 - Day 1,237 - Happy Birthday George - History repeats itself – Godly men???
Day: Friday January 24, 2020

Happy Birthday George! Let’s hike Big Frog together!

There was a wonderful dialog today starting in First Peter 1, but we went all over the place and seeing remarkable insights on the commands of the Lord, His glory and what it is to love. It would be great to share!

I heard a brief mention of how the US was represented in the UN when discussing the OPCW’s report on Douma. Both Russian and OPCW investigators reported no chemicals, no deaths, but fraud by the White Helmets who brought in dead bodies and staged the hospital scene so they could make the video. So evidence was presented that it was fraud. Then the next speaker was the US representative. She gave no evidence, but make accusation after accusation. You want to know why when you look at foreign media they see the US as disgusting, it is because the US represents itself to the world as disgusting.

Do you see any difference with the institutional church?

I made an eight minute video, “History repeats itself – Godly men???”, that brought in a lot of other points, some other history, and things to give the video some interest. It was to be just for my family, but once I saw it, I reconsidered. So it is going on Bitchute shortly.

Dorothy-Jane, I love you! Happy Birthday George!

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