Call attempt #852 - Day 1,243 - It is official - I did a pull up - And I met Alex again
Day: Thursday January 30, 2020

This might sound silly but those who know me know that I have never been an athlete. I was and remain a poor runner, as Tirzah will attest. My arms have never been strong, as Chris will attest when he easily beat me in arm wrestling (as in no competition). But since I have been doing aggressive walking for over three years, my legs have become strong and can endure for long periods. The nine mile hike I did today was easy and as normal I ended as I began, doing well over 4MPH. But recently I had another goal. It was simply to do a pull up. I’m not sure but I might not have ever done a full pull up to the point that my chin is fully above the bar. Until today! It wasn’t clean and in good form, but it happened! It is again not a world changing event, but it really meant something to me and I wanted to share it with my family.

I also met Alex for the second time today. He is a teenage guy and we talked for perhaps an hour. It was a delight, but I have to admit I would rather have talked with George. George sent me an email and I responded repeatedly. My assumption is he has seen none of my email or video responses. Do you hear that gong again?

Dorothy-Jane, I do love you!

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