Call attempt #853 - Day 1,244 - Rock the Vote! – #PropagandaWatch
Day: Friday January 31, 2020

The hike for tomorrow is not confirmed, but I remain hopeful. It would be 8 plus miles with a couple thousand feet of up and down.

James Corbett did a video “Rock the Vote! – #PropagandaWatch” (”). I think he made great arguments, but not from Scripture. So I did the unusual for me and commented on his website on a perspective backed up from the Bible. There were responses to me, mostly fluff, but some with substance. I probably referenced the Scripture more than any other article on his site. You have the direct link for the video and comments, so you can view it without me ever knowing.

While not perfect, you might find that the substance I offer has matured greatly. I woman who is a follower of Christ and has already made a lifelong commitment to me might find that attractive. I sure hope one day you will.

Dorothy-Jane, I remain seriously in love with you. It would be great to take a hike with you. We don’t have to go as far or as fast, and unlike with Chris, I would like to hold your hand during the walk!

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