Call attempt #884 - Day 1,289 - Reconcile 30 ● Susanna ● 1st Peter 3 – And yes this is politically incorrect
Day: Monday March 16, 2020
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In a somewhat lengthy voicemail the scene from Tortured for Christ, a DVD that I have sitting here and would be happy to send to anyone who asks, shows the moment in the theater where the words uttered were “I don’t want a coward for a husband.” It appears that my wife would rather have a coward who can make good money, rather than a flawed man striving for obedience to Christ. That clumsy prolife guy who was well accepted until he started to point to Genesis 1 and also lived it, was just a beginning. That was my learning time. Then there were things like Volvo and Westar where “You shall not steal” was my focus. Then it was when instead of other organizations doing the killing, it was ours. Add to that my long list of clumsy mistakes, I’m sure you can find something in the Talmud to give an excuse to abandon me. Yes, it more than saddens me.

I will continue to strive for reconciliation and push on my effort to see something toward that begin before our 30th anniversary. Mentioned in the voicemail is the video “Marriage Defined and a Commitment Beyond” has hit 300 views on Bitchute. My assumption remains that no one in my family has seen it. But please know that it was a love letter from this husband to his wife, and a clear commitment to her and her alone.

Dorothy-Jane, you did abandon me in violation of your commitment. You abandoned a flawed man, but the best you can get is a flawed man. However, unlike some or most flawed men, this one trusts the Lord and commits in obedience to the Lord to never leave you or forsake you. Also unlike all other men, I am your husband. Your ring, which is only a symbol, remains here for you and you alone. I would like to put it back on your finger. I want to hold your hand again. And as stated in the voicemail, I want to pat your behind.

Dorothy-Jane, my lady, I love you!


Susanna and Family,

After using Titus 2 with Gloria-Jane yesterday, it seemed appropriate to use 1st Peter 3 for you. I think I got a bit politically incorrect. But that should be no surprise for anyone who knows me.

You have gone through a lot of your formative years without your dad there as he was kept from you. I can’t reconcile the family alone, so this is my attempt to at least offer you a bit of love by pointing you to what I contend will be pivotal in your life, obedience to Christ. I have no idea if you embrace Him or have rejected Him as some others have. Irrespective of what it is, I will point you to the Lord Jesus Christ and He is not the one found in the institutional Church, but in the pages of Scripture.

If you study 1st Peter 3, you will see in verse 6 that you are not to “fear anything that is frightening” or literally have a phobia about things that are scary or frightening, but rather in verse 15 to have a “gentleness and respect”, which is again literally phobia. But the first use is a scared fear, the second is a respectful fear, as also seen in verse 2 and Ephesians 5:33. Just because you don’t see that lived out in front of you that should not prevent you from living it out yourself.

I so desire a dialog with you. It would be a joy to spend time with you. Like George, you are nearing being emancipated. Please feel invited to spend time here with me. As you have heard before, my home is your home. I have room here. Feel free to make use of it.

Lord willing your mom and I will reconcile beforehand. I ask for that.

I love you all!

The video got a bit long, so only the audio is attached.

This email:

The video:

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