Call attempt #929 - Day 1,349 - Reconcile 30 ● George ● Eugenics for our time ● Walked 10 miles in 2 hours 11 minutes ● Jack, George, Walter, Zadok ● Be Strong and Courageous ● I am loved ● Dorothy-Jane, so are you by me!
Day: Monday May 18, 2020
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I have been pondering for some time and now have a script written. My plan is to record the voiceover now and then produce a video by morning. It will then be placed on Brighteon, Bitchute, and YouTube in the morning in celebration. It is my hope that my family and especially my wife will find great joy in it.

I love you all, with emphasis on my wife!


I did a 3 minute video to my wife today and have no reason to expect she will ever see it. Someone please at least ask her to watch it, or at minimum share the message to her that her husband loves her. As you might expect, life is a bit hard right now, but as expressed, I am loved.

My wife is loved by her husband too!

This email:

The video:

Jack, George, Walter, Zadok, and family,

Gentlemen, what I did today was physically demanding. It brings to mind my sons and I desire to encourage them.

What I did today, walking 10 miles at 4.5MPH, puts me into the less than 1% bracket of people. A lessor factor is physical ability, and a greater factor is having trained my body to do so. But that also comes in two ways. One is doing the walking and pushing yourself in the process. Obviously I do that. The second is doing things for your body by what you eat to make sure it is prepared to take on that kind of work. In years past our family did that to a degree. I have moved well beyond that and I suggest it is not only the walking that shows the results.

I totally gave up raw and refined sugar about 7 years ago and don’t miss it. I haven’t prepared anything out of a box or can in almost the same amount of time. I drink lots of raw milk when I can get it, eat high fat meat, focus on grass fed and finished beef, most things are organic, and even more locally grown when I can. The framers’ market should open again in a couple weeks and I will probably continue to walk there three times a week.

I am the only person I know that is over 50 that takes no medication. Because I push my body so hard, I have started taking supplements, notably magnesium, as I have otherwise been in severe pain post a long hike.

You may remember we used Jack La Lanne’s videos in the past. Part of his credibility was living to 96 and exorcising daily up to the day before his death. He also did not see a doctor. I walk a marathon a week, 36 miles for this week, do typically 256 jumping jacks a day, and haven’t seen a doctor in about two decades, including post a heart attack. My dad made it to a couple months before his ninetieth birthday. I might do better than him. Will you do anywhere near to me? That is a question meant to encourage!

In the video I also mentioned again “be strong and courageous”. Let me remind you of the verses I referenced:

1st Corinthians 16:13 “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. 14Let all that you do be done in love.”

Gentlemen, be strong and courageous. I love you all!

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A video that is only 8 minutes. Amazing!

A correction, I was at 4.64MPH, and now at 4.7MPH. Try that for over 4 miles. Even more try 4.5MPH over 10 miles. I did it today. That is excellent time for a young guy. What is it for a 64-year-old?

I hope you find this encouraging. I love you all!

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George and Family,

Attached is the audio of the video I did today talking about 9/11, the Patriot Act, Rahm Emmanuel, Iraq and incubator babies, Vietnam, domino theory, nuclear bombs dropped during WWII, sinking of the Lusitania in WWI.

At the 6 minute point I couldn’t remember a name. It was Norman Dodd, and in 1954 he did a report to the Reece Committee that is what is referred to. There is a popular interview by G. Edward Griffin with him from 1982 that you can find online. Griffin and I corresponded while we were in the hotel in Scottsboro, AL.

Then there is the US bombing of Syria, OPCW whistleblowers, Seth Rich, Ethan McCord, Brave New World, Georgia Guide Stones, “Hail Victory”, “Eugenics for our time”, Neville Chamberlin, a good bit on marijuana, and Bill Gates. The name I couldn’t think of around 36 minutes is Henry Kissinger.

It got long. There is a lot more history in this than you will find in a typical history course. Then there is application of Scripture that might be offensive in the institutional church. Finally, there is an attempt at love toward my family.

As mentioned in the conclusion, please tell my wife I love her!

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The video:

The Kozlowski Family ● An Attempt at Restoration ● Family.Kozlowski
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