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Call attempt #1,222 - Day 1,771 - Postcard to Isaac - Black Families Matter



There are clearly issues with the email Isaac sent this morning. They are addressed in two forms.

First is a public video “Black Families Matter” that I produced today after being motivated. The concepts have been brewing for years, and it went public about two hours ago. It has been viewed over 3 dozen times and direct feedback has already been received.

You can see the video at any of the following addresses:





Secondly a voicemail video was made for today. It is 10 minutes long and the low resolution copy is attached. It is online and will be shared with others.

Let me reiterate a primary point of the video. Unlike Jim Cross, Render Caines, Chris Bitterman, Meadowview leadership and Covenant Presbyterian leadership, I will not turn from Isaac. I will be open, honest, and direct to him. My comment at the end of the video should clearly indicate my primary and secondary desire.

Julia, Charlotte, James, and Isaac, I love you all.

My Lady, I hope you see a model set before you of how a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ is to live. I love you!


Today’s postcard was set to Isaac.

The Kozlowski Family ● An Attempt at Restoration ●
Black Families Matter ● A Christian Perspective

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Call attempt #1,222 - Day 1,771 - Postcard to Isaac - Black Families Matter

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