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An email was sent out to numerous parties on October 19, 2023 with the subject “An appeal for involvement or even taking over the ShofarLeaks project”. It appears that numerous parties did not receive it. In some limited experiments it does appear to get to some but not others. At this point I do not know why. Therefore the message is here.

The ShofarLeaks project is an act of love based upon personal experience. However, it has been difficult to find parties willing to engage me on the project. To change that a model was developed to turn this into possible serious cash flow. But I’m the technology guy and I need someone else to drive the project.

Why would you be interested? Perhaps the stated goals:

– Protecting the Whistleblower

– Freeing the Sex Slave

– Facilitating Reconciliation

Maybe we can add:

– Reduce censorship

– Make some serious cash

Are you interested? If so email me at

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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

“Modern day slavery – from cocoa to sex – offering a fighting chance for some”