Call attempt #711 - Day 1,046 - Big Brother is watching again and here are the details - Jim Cross this is to you! - I ask that you listen to this voicemail
Day: Monday July 15, 2019
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Some trivia and a long voicemail with Big Brother details. The trivia is that I did my around the block walk, exactly one mile with serious hills, and made my 4.5MPH goal. The world stood still for a moment and all were in awe. OK, not really.

Then I gave you a lot of details in the voicemail about someone who viewed a lot of videos on today. The bulk were about Jim Cross, and that is why the subject today includes him as my reconciliation effort with him continues.

It should remain on your mind that it was just by chance I looked and saw this because typically the records are deleted. However, with my limited tools, I could see that someone who appears to be in Florida starting watching videos mostly related to Jim Cross. Then there was a switch to using a VPN to mask the IP of the user to prevent my tracking of them. Note that my tracking continued as they then used servers in France, Switzerland, and Japan, but it was the same party. This can be seen not only by the continued subject matter, but with cookies that followed them. Consider that I don’t do anything to do extensive tracking, but this was easy to see. Consider what those who do want to track you can do. My resources are limited, while they virtually own the Internet. Are our kids being prepared to live in a world where literally every heartbeat is recorded, every word spoken, as well as background sounds are permanently recorded and transcribed, their location is always known and also who they are with? It will take courage to live free in that environment, and a bit of knowhow, and a reason why to resist. The question is clearly but sadly rhetorical.

I will add that as of a few days ago some are not getting my emails as Google is blocking all from I have previously demonstrated on video how I have been shadow banned, and this might be related, but there are workarounds. You might notice things like this being discussed in the news, depending on what news you hear. It is a growing concern and more than just an inconvenience. But you may recall some of the purposes of ShofarNexus. I will not give up on that until I am stopped. The stakes are too high. Love demands it.

But then perhaps the more important issue is that someone showed interest in my effort to reconcile with Jim Cross. It would be wonderful if Jim Cross would do the same. Let me emphasize the close of the voicemail. If Mr. Cross does come to the table to pursue reconciliation with me, as the Lord commands, we will both make a lot of mistakes, probably both say things we shouldn’t, both be more than clumsy at times, but if we are both followers the same Lord we have no other option but to pursue reconciliation with vigor and grace. We reconcile by resolving our differences, not ignoring them. We do this as two foul men who know the Lord’s grace and have love forefront in our minds and hearts. Mr. Cross, I will goof in our interactions, and will apologize beforehand, but I will not give up. I look at you as a human being created in the image of God, and a brother who follows the same Lord, and recipient of the same grace. You also remain my father-in-law, as turning to the state carries no weight with the Lord’s definition of marriage and then there is Psalm 2:4. I’m not going to pull punches, but contend with you as a brother seeking our common Lord. Please put down the Talmud and pick back up the Scripture and let’s follow the same path, perhaps starting with the basic Lev 19:18. Our last breath grows closer every day. Do you want to run the clock out, or act like a man and pursue reconciliation?

Also, and most important, Dorothy-Jane, I love you!

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