Last year's Christmas gift for you is still available

The article below was sent via email to Jim Cross, Render Caines, and Chris Bitterman on December 24, 2018.


We celebrate again the joy of the Lord entering His creation to redeem His elect. A gift for you three gentlemen was offered last year and you have yet to take me up on the offer. It remains available.

The offer was made in video form last year and as an oversight on my part it was not put on my Bitchute channel. That has been recertified and to my surprise it was viewed over a half dozen times within 30 minutes. It must be due to the handsome mug in the photo.

There was a related video from the month before which was also put on Bitchute in the last few minutes.

The links are below for your viewing pleasure.

I just left consecutive voicemail number 566 covering a period of 845 days in my attempt to talk with my kids. So as you enjoy this Christmas celebration with family, remember that I haven’t been able to speak with my kids in over two years. As the video mentions, I still have not had a face-to-face conversation with my youngest son, Zadok. The torture continues and you three gentlemen continue to ignore Matthew 5:24 while I remain pursuing reconciliation.

Please allow me to remind you of the verse that has been mentioned repeatedly:

Matthew 5:23 “Therefore if you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, 24leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering.

I hope you don’t take offense that I quoted the Scripture as clearly it is not something you take seriously. However, please keep in mind that this foul man remains willing to reconcile with any or all of you. The waterboarding offer also remains. If necessary, you can still send the police to my door AGAIN. Please remind me what law I was breaking in pursing reconciliation?

Since the term may be new to you, there is a section on my website that specifically discusses “reconciliation” As a brief reminder the Scripture uses “apokatallassō” several times to indicate the total reconciliation between Christ and His elect, which is something He alone can do. There is what I have described as a mid-level term with “katallassō” which again is only Christ and His elect, with the exception of 1st Corinthians 7:11, and yes that is in your Bible too. It is directed to the wife and it seems worthy of followers of Christ, and even more so with those who are leaders, to encourage women to follow that command. But then there is “diallassō” in Matthew 5:24 which is directly pointing to you three gentlemen. So if you have the boldness to ignore the Lord’s command to reconcile with a brother that has been asking for it for years, you should surely have the courage to take me up on the waterboarding offer. Consider what a joy that would be to do in front of your congregation on a Sunday morning. The offer remains, don’t pass it by!

As you find joy in the embrace of your wife and look fondly into the eyes of your children this Christmas season, remember to tell them you celebrate Santa Christ, not the Lord Jesus Christ, and enjoy the loud gong described in 1st Corinthians 13. I’ll be skipping that again this year.

I used the photo above for a video that I did when I moved to my new home to inform my family of my move and the continued effort toward reconciliation. Perhaps you recognize it. It was the home, or at least the air hole, for Fritz Erbe for seven years by command of the Protestant Church until his death. I often state that I am in the same condition with a nicer hole. However, I am in excellent health and might be around another 30 years, alone. Fritz might have had it better.

Please consider one last thought. I often mention Galatians 2 and Paul’s calling out of Peter. No doubt it was difficult for both, but remember what Peter writes some years later in virtually his last words in Scripture, “our beloved brother Paul” (2nd Peter 3:15). Reconciliation took place! What a marvelous gift that the Lord gave them. What a joy it would be if we were to partake in a similar gift! I so desire that. Do you?

Merry Christmas!
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Last year's Christmas gift for you is still available

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