The VPN Didn’t help – Mr. Cross we need to reconcile!



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A transcript of the email sent today with this video attached

Family and friends,

I have often said that I am not playing at this. Reconciliation is a command of the Lord and I will pursue it as long as I live. Seven years is serious evidence, and it appears more is on the way.

It was seven years ago last Friday that my wife, without warning, walked out of her promise to me and the Lord. As was made clear with “Marriage Defined and a Commitment Beyond” (, “Happy Birthday My Lady - Broken Together” (, and “I have something of yours” ( which was seen today. My commitment to my wife is total, as the Lord commands and for my joy.

My wholehearted pursuit is reconciliation without retribution.


Today’s voicemail, where I continue my attempt to speak directly with my kids, was a bit provocative and long. (“Call attempt #711 - Day 1,046 - Big Brother is watching again and here are the details - Jim Cross this is to you! - I ask that you listen to this voicemail

In it you will find a lot of details about the lack of privacy we have in this world and that the attempt today to use a VPN did little to hide identities.

But the focus remains on reconciliation and that is why I tried to express this all the more in video form.

The video “The VPN Didn’t help – Mr. Cross we need to reconcile!” is online at: A low resolution copy is attached. It is only seven minutes. I ask that you watch it. I ask Jim Cross to watch it. I ask Jim Cross to respond. Render Caines and Chris Bitterman are also invited to respond.

Since I constantly mention that it is my desire to reconcile with three gentlemen in particular, Jim Cross, Render Caines, and Chris Bitterman, they are being copied with this email. Please feel free to forward it to whomever you see fit.

It may be that Meadowview leadership will again send the Cleveland Police to stop me from the crime of pursuing reconciliation. It didn’t work on Oct. 31, 2017 (, and it will probably remain ineffective. Pastor Bitterman, you have no evidence that your life is in danger, as you expressed to Jim Cross. Your obedience to Christ is in question, but then there is also this flawed man who still desires to reconcile with you. You can pursue it or you can still consider the waterboarding offer (

While so many of the videos are online with BitChute, Brighteon, and YouTube, I did avoid the temptation with this one, but please note others are viewing and some have interacted with me.

For those that want to review the reconciliation attempt or the almost three years that I have been denied access to my kids, the voicemails and emails are online at

The tension we see in Galatians 2:11-14 later became a marvelous reconciliation in 2nd Peter 3:15. May the Lord allow us to see a similar scenario today!

The Kozlowski Family ● An Attempt at Restoration ●











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