Call attempt #830 - Day 1,213 - Mr. Cross and Molech - It got more serious than I thought - Mountains to Lexington offer
Day: Tuesday December 31, 2019
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Well, this might be pleasant (a euphemism). Since I did the voicemail I did some additional quick study on Molech and have grown more concerned that the assertion made in the voicemail may have more merit than I first thought.

It might be more than interesting that the Leviticus 18:21 passage comes after the list of heterosexual sins and before homosexual and bestiality sins, all of which come under the umbrella term “porneia” which we typically see translated as " fornication”, “sexual immorality”, or simply “immorality”. Thayer directly references Mark 10:11-12 with that word. Isn’t that interesting Mr. Cross?

There is serious discussion of Molech in Leviticus 20. It is worth noting that if the people close their eyes, the Lord will step in (verses 4 & 5). That is a scary thought. Verse 6 gives me concern as there may be a good argument that a way to turn to mediums and necromancers is by using the Talmud as a reference.

Even Solomon built a high place for Molech (1st Kings 11:7), so I assume the combined wisdom of the “Godly men” (quoting Render Caines) would end up with at least a building with perhaps a pulpit and pews.

Considering what Josiah did to the religious leaders and their institutions in 2nd Kings 23 perhaps that is more reason to purse the statement “the Bible is true, and the institutional church is a fraud”. But PCA leadership have not addressed it, so maybe I need to ask again?

In Jeremiah 32:34-35 we see things happening “in the house that is called by my name”. I am aware of at least two incidents at Meadowview that we might call amateur versions of what Jeffrey Epstein did, and I don’t think I know all of them. Perhaps the PCA is competition to the Roman Catholic Church? Of course to remain relevant for our day I need to state “Epstein didn’t kill himself”. Now I feel politically correct.

This needs more study. Perhaps a dialog is in order?

The voicemail got long, but there are more things to consider on this. Most importantly the call to reconcile. You might have noticed that I have mentioned that before. You might have also noticed that the year has ended with a more vigorous attempt to reconcile than the way the year began. You might also assume, that it will continue to build, and Mr. Cross, you are in the crosshairs. It should be you and I who start the serious effort toward reconciliation. Show that you are a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ by living in obedience to His commands to reconcile. Unlock the door between us and begin a dialog with me. This email is now about 300 pages, so I think there is some evidence that I have been attempting to reconcile. Let’s live 2nd Peter 3:15, as I have described.


Dorothy-Jane, my new boots arrived today and they feel great on my feet, once I can get them on. I’m confident that I will get at least 2,000 miles on them as I did with the other pair. Since my hiking goals have been blown away, I keep making new ones. Making the 4.2 mile Greenway at 4MPH was too easy and now I am at 4 and two thirds and on the way to 5. We did Big Frog Mountain, and I need a bigger challenge. I have seriously considered the Mountain to Sea trail that starts here in Tennessee and ends at Kitty Hawk, a place we have been with the family. But logistics is a problem so I might simply plan on the distance but do it locally. However, I would be more than willing to walk from Cleveland to Lexington if you would reconcile with me. Would you?

I love you!

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