Call attempt #879 - Day 1,282 -
Day: Monday March 9, 2020
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I don’t know if you have any idea how much I miss you, how much I think of you, and how much it hurts that there is no evidence that you have any love left for me. My love for you remains solid and considering the size of this email, you might notice that I am making a bit of effort to reconcile.

Below are the emails from today and the weekend. I’m not giving up on you. Please don’t give up on me. You promised.

Dorothy-Jane, I love you!

Reconcile Email from Today - - -


I just got an email from my friend David Tulis who published an article about his experience with his daughter while she was in court. You might find it an interesting read. A video about it is attached.

“Perjured trooper wins case, but nets grievance for calling Tulis 'Nazi'”

You can see that David was able to invest time in his daughter considering the statement: “A homeschool girl who had had 3 years of mock trial, she was in familiar territory in preparing for her defense.”

But even well prepared, they are no match for closed ears and a rigged system. You may have heard it said that “the institution protects the institution”. I have stated it repeatedly. David describes how he saw it lived out.

When you deal with an institution, you should consider that if there is a challenge to the authority of the institution, you will probably see a collective defense against facts, reason, and love. Consider the most dramatic case where it is demonstrated that an institution has no authority or even no right to exist. In that institution are people whose livelihoods and pride are based. They are not going to give up willingly, irrespective of truth. A lessor form of defense, especially when it is only money involved, and if it is an employee, simply fire them. If it is a more major issue, employee or not, the troubling party can be killed. All these things occur and not infrequently.

The difference between when this happens in the institutional church, is that at least some claim to be based on the Scripture. While I contend this is faulty reasoning, we will use that example. The institutional church might do anything to protect itself, from firing an employee, killing an offending party, sending the police to shut them up, closing their ears, or rigging the system. As with the secular comparison, all these things occur.

Consider again David’s article. He attempted to protect his daughter from the institution of the state. My desire is to protect my daughters, my sons, my wife, and even Jim Cross from the institution that calls itself a church, and instead point them to the Lord Jesus Christ who never commanded an institution be formed, EXCEPT for the family.

Consider the statements:

The Bible is true and the institutional church is a fraud.

Marriage begins with sex and ends with death. See

I can back those statement up from Scripture. If you submit to the Lord Jesus Christ and disagree, can you do so rationally from Scripture? Please, be the first in the family to try.

I love you all!

This email:

The video:

Reconcile Email from Saturday - - -

Dear family,

The Plan

In a long dialog on Scripture and reconciliation today a thought came up and this is my acting on it. The goal was set in my mind to do something to open the door of communications with some or all of my family before the 30th Anniversary of my wife and my marriage.

The Reason

It has been almost 8 years since my wife exited my life. And of course an attempt at obedience to Christ.

What has happened thus far

The first video has been done and the audio is attached. The video is at:

The videos to George can now be found directly from the “Reconcile” button on the site, not just the family site (,George).

The same is now true of the ones for Jim Cross (,JimCross).

The videos for this series will be at:,30

Search engines in the US, Europe, and China have been collecting these links and videos for a long time.

Thus far the only response from Jim Cross was last year and it was cold and pitiful. There has been no endurance on his part as there seems to be an absence of love. Love endures. What is it when you give up?

For Your Consideration

There are two things on the table, is the Bible true, and are you interested in reconciliation.

It is clear that some in my family do not believe the Bible is true. You can probably defeat a pastor in that question as most seem not able to engage on that, but can you rationally defeat me? If so, PROVE IT!

Please also remember that I have not been at an institutional church “worship service” in at least three years. Do you know why someone who is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ would be that way? If your hope is in the institution, you better not ask. If your hope is in the Lord, perhaps I could encourage you.

Some in my family might consider the Bible as both true and authoritative in their lives. I don’t have any reason to think that includes Jim Cross. For anyone who does, LIVE IT! You can start with my often quoted Matthew 5:24. As a reminder:

23So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, 24leave your gift there before the altar and go. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.

The term “brother” is “adelphos”, or not of the womb, which has a meaning ranging from born of the same parents to as wide as anyone on earth. I do qualify at least on the latter (,Strong,Greek+80).

If you do the Jim Cross thing and simply repeat the verse back to me and say “I have something against you” and leave the table, you are having trouble understanding what the verse says. Rational dialog might help on that. For reference:


You could try the Meadowview route, but when you sent the police to shut me up, give them at least a hint of an idea of what law I might be violating. Don’t embarrass another cop.

You could try the Jim Cross route, but be aware that the Talmud is much much larger than the Bible and it will take years for serious study. But then serious, or again the word rational, might not apply.

You could try the PCA leadership route and simply stay silent. But what if the Bible is true?

You could also consider love. This is the most costly. It takes a lot of work. Consider the size of and you might get a hint of an idea of the time that might be involved.


As the Lord allows, expect me daily until May 19th. If the Lord’s plan is magnificent and undeserved grace for our family, expect a celebration.

I love you all!

Email to George on Saturday - - -

George and family,

I took my typical hike yesterday and saw Big Frog Mountain in the distance again and thought about George. I attempted to beat my best time in the Greenway and missed by about 10 seconds, but thought about George. I thought of the tie I sent him for his birthday and the love I attempted to express to him in his birthday card, both of which were returned to me “unclaimed”. I was reminded of the now two dozen plus videos that were done for him and still assume he has been kept from all of them, so I did another one, which the audio only is attached.

George and his siblings, if you want to see an example of what it is to be a flawed man attempting to follow the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ, you might want to skip Jim Cross or Chris Bitterman and consider your dad. The Lord’s command to love is seen in communications, not isolation. The grace of the Lord is seen in the Scripture, not the Talmud. Showing love for people is stepping into their homes and not driving by and praying for them. The example of the Lord is His reconciliation with those who in their pride rejected Him. That is my model, but the Lord is perfect and I am flawed. Do you see that?

When anyone is interested in a serious dialog, as I describe in the video that I had with my friend Chris, I’m available to you as long as I have breath.

When anyone is interested in a surface dialog, as I describe in the video that I had with my friend Gary, I’m available to you as long as I have breath.

This will be blocked from George. The evidence is overwhelming. If it isn’t blocked from you, I am available.

Most importantly, I remain committed to and wholeheartedly in love with my wife. There is no evidence that that is shared, but it doesn’t matter as I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and I have no other option in obedience to Him. Those in the Christian club won’t see that. Those who pick up a Bible and read what it says will. Please let her know that her husband remains available to her and her alone. Even if I never hear about it, she needs to know I love her. Please let her know.

I love you all.

If you need to see this email in the future or want to share it with others, it is at:

The full video is at:

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