Call attempt #892 - Day 1,299 - Reconcile 30 ● Leo ● Presuppositional Apologetics – the Scientific Method applied to Theology
Day: Thursday March 26, 2020
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This might bring joy – the voicemail is very short.

Dorothy-Jane, I love you!


Leo and Family,

I had a lot of fun doing the video for you. It got to 17 minutes, so only the audio is attached. You can download the video but until then, here is my mug shot:

A whole lot of questions were set before you that you will probably not get anywhere else as they require thought ( The things range from a question about 9/11, the sun, the moon, evolution and creation, the flood, and most especially is the Bible true. I attempted to point to evidence from differing perspectives and encourage you to think about them.

I must add yet another thing that I find so very fascinating about the questions around Noah and the Flood. A suggested explanation of Genesis 7:11, “all the fountains of the great deep burst forth”, is that a lot of water that was underground came up. Underground water is common today, and if it comes up quickly it leaves evidence. Perhaps the evidence is there and it was unseen by man until recent years, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is the largest mountain range in the world, but totally underwater. It is a fascinating idea.

One of the things that has always been common is what we now call “groupthink”, which is where if you are part of a group, you must think as that group. If you have a thought that is not in line with that group, you might find tension or outright rejection from the group. You have to be careful to make sure you stand on what is true. It becomes easy to stand with a group, and in a real sense it is easy to stand in arrogance in opposition to a group. But stand on what is true, when the truth you are standing on is really true and not simply your pride. This becomes very hard to do, but as I state repeatedly, be strong and courageous, follow the Lord. But then is the Lord who He claims to be? These are the questions set before you in the video.

The idea of “Presuppositional Apologetics” is to start with a theory, the Bible is true, and test it, or as the Bible says “test everything; hold fast what is good.” (1st Thessalonians 5:21)

Most institutional churches will propose a certain degree of trust that the Bible is true and vary on what it means. Perhaps the biggest issue with those that believe the Bible to be true is the question is the Lord sovereign or do we have free will. You want to start a fight in an institutional church, bring that up. However, try respectfully asking where in the Bible you find a command by the Lord to make an institutional church. You probably won’t get a fight, but silence. I continue to try on that one.

If the Bible is true then passages like Romans 1 are true, such as verses 19-20 “For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.” The “without excuse” is a single word in Greek “anapologētos” which is essentially not “apologeomai” or not able to make a defense or give a reason. For reference “apologeomai” is made from “apo” which is origin or separation and “logos” or word. But if you believe the Bible is true and Jesus is who He claims to be, then you are called to have an “apologia” or a reason for what you believe, and present your case respectfully rather than harshly (1st Peter 3:15).

The bottom line is that as we grow older we are called to mature. If the Bible is true, then that maturing in someone who believes will be seen that he is ready to give an answer for the hope that is within him (1st Peter 3:15). Some may grow older believing the Bible is true but not maturing and will only be harsh or silent. Some will say the Bible is not true, and if in reality it is then they are without excuse (“anapologētos”).

I would love to go on with you about this, but let’s be frank, you like the rest of my kids, my wife, my father-in-law, and leadership in the institutional church will probably run scared from me. Consider what is in the video and what I wrote above and you will see why. Because it took love to do this. It takes love to continue to try to reconcile for almost 8 years. To be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ is hard, as the Bible states (2nd Timothy 3:12). But if the Bible is true, if you know the grace of the Lord, then you will also know “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding” (Philippians 4:7). May the Lord grant you that gift!

I love you all!

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