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Call attempt #894 - Day 1,301 - Reconcile 30 ● My Family and the Panic-Demic ● Mr. Cross ● Matthew 19 Explained ● Tucking your Talmud between your legs
Day: Monday March 30, 2020

The video I did today might be one of the most important for my kids’ future. It was 20 minutes so only the audio was sent, but the video is online. Besides the details of the current “Panic-Demic”, perhaps one other thing should be reiterated was in the voicemail. If, by the grace of God, our family reconciles and reunites, while my kids live at home with me, they will NOT have cellphones. You are my kids, and not minions of institutions. I haven’t had a cellphone in years, so I am practicing what I proclaim.

I love you all, and hope you will consider what was sent in today’s “Reconcile 30 ● My Family and the Panic-Demic” email.

Dorothy-Jane, I love you more than all others. Please return to your husband.


Dear Family, I hope you find this worth your time. It comes from a concerned husband and dad. Audio only is attached.

We had a joke in our family when we talked about history. It was said that unlike others who read about it, I was there. Well, now that I am 64, I have a bit more history that I can say I was there, but also have had more time to do some study of history. One of the areas of study is propaganda. It started perhaps with pro-life issues, but grew to politics in general, and then a strong focus on communications security. Then there is the broader use of technology to influence culture, and credentials became more important than facts.

When my friend Chris coined the term “panic-demic” it was something to latch onto. I see it in stores. There are a growing number wearing gloves or facemasks. The store that I no longer patronize, Abundant Living, locked their doors and you had to call in and they would deliver to your car. I had an email dialog with the owner and suggested to him that he just handed his store to Amazon. He locked out healthy people without cellphones from the health food store.

When I visited friends on Sunday it was clear you could point out errors in the panic, but the rebuttal continued with “what about this…” If you live in fear, reason and evidence are useless.

When I was recording the video, I got a phone call from Nirav, who is sick. He was very concerned when I stated that I did 21 miles of hikes in the last three days. He lives in fear. I don’t.

You might also notice that I said a whole lot of things that are politically incorrect. Today, I can mostly get away with it. Tomorrow, it might not be that way. There are a growing number of countries where what I said would land me in jail. It is coming to the US. Obviously speaking boldly, clearly, and unambiguously, as commanded in Scripture, has cost me and therefore cost my family in the past. It will probably continue. What is more important, living in fear, or living in love while trusting the Lord?

Over the years I have stated that if you want to be part of the system, you need to say “hail victory”. It is being lived out AGAIN! Do you see that, or are you also running scared.

It has been disappointing when in rare dialog with Jim Cross he took a pragmatic approach to Matthew 6:24 “You cannot serve God and money.” I must follow what the Lord said, not be pragmatic because the Lord doesn’t not give us license to do so.

Considering the events post mentioning to my wife about reconciliation would be seen with a tenth child, it seems Genesis 1:28 “Be fruitful and multiply” must be out of date. After all, that is so Old Testament. As well as Genesis 2:24.

I have frequently used Joshua 24:15, but I have gotten in the habit of a modified version: “But as for me, I will serve the LORD.” Do you notice what is missing? It doesn’t have to be that way.

I love you all!

This email: http://Family.Kozlowski.org/Email-2020-03-30+1

The video: http://Kozlowski.org/2020-03-30+1


Mr. Cross and Family,

It is 9AM on a Sunday morning and I just finished recording the next video in attempt to start the reconciliation process with my family. Since this is an exposition on Matthew 19 in an attempt to show what the Lord is saying, rather than reading into the text as you have done, it took me a while. So when you have 20 minutes, I recommend watching it. But be aware, unlike the vast majority of Sunday morning services happening today, this is a serious look at the Scripture and not fluff. It is an attempt to be obedient to the Lord and proclaim His word (2Tim4), rather than entertain a crowd or make them feel that they fulfilled a make-believe obligation.

You shredded Matthew 19, which results in hating my wife. This is an effort to show what the Lord states clearly as an act of love toward my wife, and if you finally figure out that those who speak the truth are the ones who love, not those who twist the truth, then you might see love for you in this.

You have been part of ransacking my family and it is time to recover what can be recovered. The way a follower of Christ would do this is to be obedient to the Lord by using the truth, i.e. His word. There again seem to be two options. The ideal is that you and I as brothers in Christ seek to understand from Scripture where we are on the right path and where we are on the wrong path. We would do this with the goal of reconciliation with love at the forefront. The second option is for me to continue to point out your fallacies from Scripture in the hope that at least one of my family will see the grace of the Lord rather than the protection (i.e. enslavement) of the institution. I’m not going to play fair. I am going to use the Scripture. And as long as the Lord gives me breath, I am not going to stop in my attempt at reconciliation because the follower of Christ will endure to the end.

Please join me as my brother!

The render was done, but then I got into a two and a half hour discussion on the Scripture. It was a mutual challenge and on at least one point I realized I had some adjustment to do in my understanding of my trust in the Lord. The objective was not to lower the bar, but to raise it, to become closer to the Lord Jesus Christ in obedience to Him, not finding ways to manipulate Him. It is a marvelous joy to do that with a brother. You and I should do the same.

I love you all!

This email: http://Family.Kozlowski.org/Email-2020-03-29+1

The video: http://Kozlowski.org/2020-03-29+1


Mr. Cross and Family,

If you want an example of great marketing, the attached video is not it. If you want an example of love on the other hand…

Perhaps you missed the voicemail from yesterday, but be of good cheer, it can be listened to and downloaded, such as several web crawlers do, at: http://family.kozlowski.org/Voicemail-2020-03-27

You might hear from the tone and read in the accompanying email a bit of forcefulness as I have a serious concern for my family. Do members of my family live in fear in this current “panic-demic”? The term “panic-demic” was coined by my friend Chris Prince and I find it instructive.

It seems clear that I am in better health than most young people, including me when I was young. What I have seen is an unwillingness in most to live a lifestyle that keeps you healthy. While it seems clear it is mostly due to diet, the plan for tomorrow is another 4 to 7 mile hike which will get me past the marathon distance of aggressive walking for the week. I wonder if anyone in my family could come near to that.

In the voicemail I listed several points of concern about what I have heard from Jim Cross. I stated that I was going to get more serious, and you might find this video to be just that. We are approaching 8 years and I will not give up until I am dead. Considering my state of health, unless I slip on a banana during a hike, I might be doing this until a whole lot of others are dead. Wouldn’t it be better to reconcile than die to avoid me. If you succeed in avoiding me, you might have some issues post death explaining what you did to avoid reconciliation.

The objective is to go through the list of issues presented in yesterday’s voicemail and accompanying email. This video discusses Jim Cross referencing a man who used the Talmud to give license for Dorothy-Jane to abandon her commitment in marriage, the woman I remain in love with and married to and she to me according to the Bible.

Especially in the last many years I have done serious study on several documents that claim to be of divine origin. The Bible clearly is in that list, and I would contend is the only one truly on that list. I have read the Quran and find it far more enlightening and rational than the others, but still a false document. The bit I have read from the Book of Mormon and Doctrines and Covenants has convinced me that this is completely irrational, but the people I know that follow it are friends who I care for. On the far bottom of the list is the Talmud. I have only read a bit and WOW is it a clear example of the wisdom of man out for the glory of man. It is disgusting.

It seems to me if I was a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, I would show that by following the Lord Jesus Christ as would be seen in an attempt to be obedient to Him. When I read the Bible, such as the Mark 7:7 verse mentioned in the video, I might realize that the Lord is pointing me to things I should avoid using as my reference. I should repudiate it. Mr. Cross, would you agree? Your actions thus far say no.

So let me be clear, Mark 7:7 is the Lord Jesus Christ calling those who follow the Talmud hypocrites over two hundred years before it went from verbal to paper. It would follow that those who use the Talmud today are being described as hypocrites today. Mr. Cross, are you a hypocrite? Please be clear. Are you willing to publically confess allegiance to Christ alone and repudiate the Talmud, or are you going to continue to cower in silence out of fear. Are you living scared of the “panic-demic”?

I am going to press on through the list from Friday. This is public, and since web crawlers get it, it is searchable. A friend has asked for a DVD and I plan on sending it Monday. Do you want one? Does anyone else in the family, or outside of the family want one?

I suggest there are one of two ways to bring this to a conclusion. You could kill me. Or the second preferable way is to start the process of reconciliation with me. As I make clear, you are a foul disgusting man, and so am I. Let us together be an example to our family and others of what two men who claim to be followers of the Lord Jesus Christ will do in obedience to Christ. What legacy do you want?

Please remember, that you and I will both make serious mistakes in our dialog toward reconciliation. We are called to do so anyway, offer each other grace in the process, and endure to the end. I am committed to doing that. Are you?

Final point. It is my hope that I will be able to continue my aggressive walking for the rest of my days. Even more, I desire to casually walk hand-in-hand with my lady for the rest of my days. I love her dearly.

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